Worthy of trust!

We are a company which has been in the business for over 20 years now.
Responding to market demand, we constantly expand our range of products, so we can invest in the expansion of the plant and increase employment.
Our products are highly valued due to modern production solutions and good work organisation which we have developed for many years.

Our offer is primarily concerned with the following species of fish:

Sea fish products:

  • herringflaps, carcasses, head removed – fresh or frozen,
  • sprat – carcasses or head removed – fresh or frozen,
  • flounder – fillets or carcasses – fresh or frozen.
  • garfishgutted – fresh or frozen.
  • other – herring eggs, flounder eggs

Produkty z ryb słodkowodnych:

  • troutfillets, slices, carcasses or gutted fresh or frozen
  • roach carcase, gutted – fresh or frozen
  • breamcarcasses or guttedfresh or frozen
  • carpfillets, slices, carcasses or guttedfresh or frozen

Other services

In addition to the standard offer we provide the following additional services:

  • freezing: IQF SHP, block,
  • storage
  • specialised transport.


If you haven’t found find the necessary information, please contact us by phone or send us your query by email.